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Most of you think that, because I live in Britain and this post is being written at the end of Summer, that I'm going into a long moan about how bad the weather has been. Well, I'm going to surprise you all by not doing that……… except to say the weather here has been truly awful, the wettest August ever… that’s it… all done with!
I've written before about how the Celtic idea of time being some kind of spiral appeals to me more than the more conventional linear ‘times arrow’ set of ideas. My mind seems to be in the same set as it was this time last year, and the year before for that matter. To quote the book of Jerimiah (8;20);


“The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.”


I don’t read this in any ‘born again’ context, nor do I believe it was written in that way, but I do understand that it speaks of disappointment and of a feeling of loss and missed opportunities. I don’t write selfishly about my own failure to produce all the crops that I might have done, but of all our failures to come to terms with the tasks that we should have undertaken, in particular the problems that all us Europeans face with the growing problems of refugees from the Middle East.

I sympathise fully, and agree, with those who say that this is our problem and we must do all we can to help people find new homes among us, and offer our help, and friendship to all of those in need. I also have some understanding, but little sympathy, for those who feel we would like to help, but are unable to accommodate these displaced people. However, I cannot understand at all those who claim that the problem is not of our making and that we need do nothing, for these people – this is nothing but blindness and ignorance.

So as Summer gently turns to Autumn, I hope that we can be ‘saved’ by offering help and shelter to those who need it before the weather gets cold and the problems become compounded. I also hope that, very soon, we have in Britain the kind of imaginative and charitable approach to this problem as our neighbours in Germany and Scandinavia have shown to the World.

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© Ray Lovegrove (aka ‘Hay Quaker)  Ninth Month 2015


  1. Yes, yes Ray. Couldn't agree more. Here in Australia we are only taking an extra 12,500. Just a drop in the ocean. I believe each little town should take in at least one or two families. Show them we care and help them to settle. We have so much and they have lost everything, even their country. We will be held accountable.
    Blessings Gail.

  2. Thank you for this, Ray - you speak my mind and heart!

  3. Ray, I agree with your thoughts completely -- barbara


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